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Sticking with the theme of our last article regarding travel destinations, I wanted to share another Crypto currency hotbed and also a great place to visit as long as you know the ins and outs. In this article, I would like to share with you the top 6 things you should avoid while visiting Dubai.


Most people visiting Dubai use a taxi to get from the airport to the hotel or any other destination point. There are two types of taxis at the airport – regular airport taxi and luxury VIP taxi service. Standard taxi service has Toyota cars and VIP taxi service has Infiniti and Lexus cars. Infiniti and Lexus drivers usually charge up to 50 Dirhams as their starting meter fare. So if you would like to avoid spending a lot of money just on taxis when you arrive in Dubai make sure you get into the right car.

Seeking Advice

When you are in Dubai and you would like to see some attractions or go to some restaurants try to look for local people and ask them for advice and not from the hotel attendants. This is because most hotels have some agreements with different restaurants and places and they send all tourists to those places but it doesn’t mean that that place is great. It is usually better to ask local people for some advice because they know the city very well and they will recommend a really great experience.

Booking Hotels

The next mistake a lot of tourist make is booking a hotel in the historical part of the city thinking they will live in the center of Dubai. This is a big mistake, the historical part of the city is considered as old town and usually the hotels which are located there are three or four stars hotels or apartments. So if you would like to get to the beach, downtown Dubai, visit some restaurants, and new parts of Dubai you need to get a taxi, shuttle bus, or a metro. So if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on transportation every day and waste your vacation time on moving from one place to another my advice is to pay a bit more but to book a hotel in the new part of Dubai because it has easier access to most attractions.

Professional Photography Needs Permit

If you are a professional photographer and you are coming to Dubai with all your professional equipment to get the best shot of the city, be ready to be stopped by police or security. In Dubai, professional shooting is not allowed without a permit from the government. It’s better to use a small camera but don’t use big lenses, tripods, and other big equipment which can attract the attention of the police or security. Cameras are everywhere in Dubai and it is very easy to get caught. Also, don’t use a drone anywhere in Dubai without a permit as you can get easily to the prison using a drone in Dubai.

Avoid Visiting Dubai in Summer or Ramadan

This is because summer in Dubai gets extremely hot. If this is your first time in Dubai, it will be very difficult for you to spend time outdoors because of the temperature increases and sometimes it can get up to 50 degrees. You won’t be able to spend time on the beach or outdoors and you cannot go for a walk because you breathe hot air in the morning and in the evening. The second time you should avoid is Ramadan; Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims. During that period, all the restaurants are closed during the day and you are not allowed to drink or eat on the street or in public places. If you are caught you can get a big fine.

The restaurants open at 7 p.m. when Muslims break their fast and they have their meal but all night clubs and entertainment places are closed for the whole month. Many people go on holiday and leave the country during that month because they have short working hours and the life in the city slows down. So if you are coming to Dubai to party or to socialize, Ramadan is not the time to visit Dubai. But if you are on a tight budget Ramadan and summer are the best periods of time to visit Dubai because you can great deals on the hotel and flights as well.